Branson Student Trip

More Music but a different Style

Choosing Branson and we will offer you another experience totally different than if we visited Nashville. Nashville is where country music began and many, many artist got their start there. But, once they reached stardom, they built their own theatre, wrote music for group entertainment and put on shows that are so exciting we all want to return to see them again. Branson is the place..

Southern Hospitality With a Touch of Vegas

If you were to choose Branson as a destination for your band or choir we will have lots of fun and memories. The atmosphere is totally different. Not only will we see southern style hospitality, but a touch of Las Vegas in the shows we will visit. The glamor and glitter of the productions is so wonderful. All aspects of the show are done so professionally. Some groups will schedule two shows a day and see at least four shows during their visit to Branson.

Minimal Travel Time

In regards to the geographic location of Branson, it is just a little more than one full day of travel to arrive here from Southern Minnesota or Southern Wisconsin. Branson is such a close destination from our home; we can plan a trip great trip that is either five or six days long. Our detailed scheduled tour will keep us busy the entire time. The Branson area is not very populated so to we will no trouble travelling to the different venues. It is a new city that grew up less than 30 years ago. The infrastructure is very good. The performance halls have the most technological equipment available for music shows and singing. Each concert hall is beautiful and the memories are the best. Branson is a great choice to visit.

All-Inclusive Meal Plan

When we plan our tours we use an all-inclusive meal plan. The restaurants in Branson cater to bus groups. Branson was built with bus travel and large groups in mind. Branson loves bus groups and especially student groups. The restaurants have many food choices, large dining rooms and are experts at serving groups in an organized time frame. Their traditional southern food and Midwestern food is very good. You will be very happy with our food proposal.

Music Competitions

Many groups that travel to Branson want to perform or compete in a music contest. Branson can offer both of these venues for your group. We can schedule performances in music halls, churches, government buildings and public places. These are fun for us to do. There are also schedule contests we can participate in with your musical group. The student groups that participate in these contests spend lots of time practicing during the school year. The contests are very competitive and fun for our groups. Everyone has a great time and the experience of a competition. The contest teams will work with your group and make the event very memorable. They have done these contests for many years and are professionals working with young music groups. If a contest in something your group wants, Ready Travel can plan and schedule the event for you.

Branson is a great place to visit and music is top priority. The professionals in Branson want your visit to be the very best and Ready Travel staff works well with them at planning your trip with every detail. We will be looking forward to planning Branson for your next tour.

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