Orlando Student Trip

Spring Break, Snow birds and Sunshine

Ready Travel can offer a great trip for you to the Sunshine State “Florida”. We can plan this trip for you many different venues. Our journey can either be a straight through trip or stop on the way and enjoy some site in different cities. If we choose to stop on the way we can visit the cities such as Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta or Birmingham. If we choose any of these stops, we would include culture, theatre or the experiences of large southern cities and even taste their local food. This would definitely all more adventure to the trip.

Disney, Disney, Disney

Deciding on Florida as your destination is very exciting. Many of our group have never been to Disney World or the last visit was a family vacation. Going as a group is fun and memorable. On most or our Florida destinations, we offer a choice of visiting the four Disney theme parks in three days. We can explore any park during the three days visit. By making this option, we can see the attractions with different friends who may have the same interests. Our days in the Disney parks are fun filled and exciting. We will enjoy the Disney theme adventures, rides and different food. Most important with our decision to visit Disney is the opportunity to perform in a parade or music festival. At Ready Travel, we have organized many of these events. Disney contests are very prestigious events. As a director and band member, you will remember this event your entire lifetime. Usually, the band members will choose music early in the school year, practice during the year and perform their chosen music at the Disney Festival. To qualify for the festival, the director is required to provide a video of the school band’s chosen music. It is a wonderful event and something bands enjoy participating in.

A Food Adventure

Other than Disney sponsored events, Ready Travel plans exciting meals at local restaurants. Orlando has so many different ethnic or specialize restaurants, one could choose a different one every night and never get back to the original restaurant for an entire year. By providing an all-inclusive trip, our meal planning will always be an experience. Group meal planning is a great way to get to know our fellow classmates better.

Fun in the Sun & Water

Since part of our Florida trip was to spend time in the sun. Ready Travel can and has planned some great outdoor fun for our customers. We can spend time at some of the best water parks in central Florida. We can travel to either the Atlantic coast or the Gulf side of Florida to experience a swim in the salt water ocean. Being able to enjoy the sun and swim in the March or April warm weather is definitely a reward for our exciting trip to the sunshine state. We can also plan BBQ’s and exciting evening events oceanside. Our outdoor experience in Florida will make our trip a great memory.

An Unforgettable Trip

As you can see, Florida had so much to offer, we can include culture to the trip on our way to the sunshine state. Then we will make the most of our experience once we get to Central Florida. Our trip will be fun exciting and memorable. Ready Travel had the experience and knowledge to make your trip to Florida one to remember for a lifetime.

Be Ready. Get Ready!

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