Washington D.C. Student Trip

Washington DC “Our Nation’s Capital

Let’s experience history, heritage and our American Story.

At Ready Travel, we have been taking groups of students to Washington DC since 1986.  We have travelled with thousands of students from all over Wisconsin and Minnesota.   This is by far my most favorite destination.   We have such a wide choice of themes for our tour plan.  Every year we are able to experience a new monument or learn something new about your great countries history.

The Perfect Tour For Your Group

With my experience in DC we can arrange many, many different tour themes for you.  We can plan a heritage them and concentrate on visiting as many monuments in the District as possible.  We will put a local step on guide on the bus to offer us a wealth of information as we drive through the city on our deluxe motorcoach.  This company I have worked with continually for over 30 years.   We will be able to off load the coach to walk up to many of the monuments to feel the history as it was made in our great country.   Just as an example we can walk the steps of the Lincoln Monument just as Martin Luther King did when he made his famous speech.  We can do etchings at the Viet Nam memorial of the soldiers who lost their lives defending our great country.  This is just a sample of our time visiting these places of history.

Political Tours

If we want to change the emphasis of the tour, we can arrange a visit the congressman from our local district and possibly tour their office to see how they government works on a day to day basis.  This would also be a great time for a group picture.  These elected officials can if they have time, explain to us how laws are written.   We can also visit one of the most beautiful buildings in the District, the Supreme Court building.   This wonderful place is where many important decisions for our country’s people have been reviewed and voted on.   This type of tour helps us understand how our great country works.

Band Performance

If you are interested in doing a band performance at our Nation’s Capital, we can arrange to have your band our choir perform at many different sites in the area.  We can also set up the opportunity to march in one of the great parades in the area.  We can enroll in a music contest or contract a professional musician form the DC area to help students understand how to improve their performance skills.
As we have mentioned in past tours designs we plan all our tours with inclusive meals when traveling as a group.  Since we bring so many groups to Washington, we have a large selection of choices for meals. We can arrange picnic lunches at the great concerts that are performed each night in DC.  We can have special banquets or buffets. We can do DJ dances on an evening boat cruise.  All of our meal vendors are very good at providing good quality food so our group has healthy travels.

Washington DC has so much to offer, we can make the trip very memorable.

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